Business Boost Grant


Hot off the press! The details of the new Qld government “Business Boost” grant, are available.     Applications open Friday 30th July. Eligible businesses have a turnover between $300 – $600K in the 2021 financial year. It covers 70% of expenditure – with a minimum total expenditure of $10,715 and a $21,429 Maximum of two […]

Keeping Track of Deductions – Hervey Bay Accountant

The ATO has released a new App feature to help taxpayers save time and keep their tax deductions organised, call “myDeductions” tool for the ATO app. The tool makes it easier and more convenient for individuals to keep their income tax related deductions all in one place. Users will be able to upload their completed […]

Personal Tax Cuts on The Horizon? – Hervey Bay Accountants

A recent forum hosted jointly by The Insitute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and The Tax Institute, suggests it is highly likely personal income tax cuts will feature in future Federal Budgets. At the forum the Treasurer said Australia had “no choice” but to reduce personal income tax. The following observations were made […]

Individual Tax Returns made “Easy Peasy” – Hervey Bay Accountant

At this time of year, we are preparing lots of individual tax returns for clients who are employed and have investments. We wanted to remind our clients of the ATO app that is available and makes it “easy peasy” to simply photograph your receipts with your iphone, track them using the ATO app, and then […]

Christmas 2017 – Hervey Bay Accountant

A note from Shara and the team; It’s almost Christmas already! We hope that 2017 has been a great year for you in business as well as personally. We would like to take this opportunity to genuinely thankyou for your support. We wish you a relaxing Christmas spent with close family and friends. Our office […]

Summer 2017 Tax Newsletter – Hervey Bay Accountant

“Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas….” But before you can think about lounging back with a drink, here is your final bit of tax reading for the year, in the form of our 2017 Summer newsletter. This one includes topics such as; Marketing via Email Getting Lucky Buying and Selling a Business Asset […]

Taxable Payments Reporting System Extended – Hervey Bay Accountant

It is proposed that from 1 July 2018, Cleaning Contractors and Couriers will be required to participate in the Taxable Payments Reporting System. Currently those in the building and Construction Industry are required to report payments made to contractors for related services, and this will be extended to services relating to cleaning and couriers. This […]

Federal Budget Insights – Hervey Bay Accountant

2018/2019 FEDERAL BUDGET SUMMARY Whilst some would say that this year’s budget was a bit of a quiet one, there was some very interesting proposed reforms when delving a bit deeper, the effect of which we’ll see in years to come if (“if” being the key word) enacted. These include the proposed removal of the […]

Clothing Claims-Crackdown!-Hervey Bay Accountant

The ATO has been very clear that there will be more focus on work-related clothing and laundry expenses this tax time! According to Assistant Commissioner Kath Anderson, around 6 million people claimed work-related clothing and laundry expenses last year with total claims of $1.8 billion. She has also stated that although many of these claims […]