Business Boost Grant


Hot off the press! The details of the new Qld government “Business Boost” grant, are available.    

  • Applications open Friday 30th July.
  • Eligible businesses have a turnover between $300 – $600K in the 2021 financial year.
  • It covers 70% of expenditure – with a minimum total expenditure of $10,715 and a $21,429
  • Maximum of two suppliers
  • Funds are payable on completion (within 12 months of receiving approval)

Round 1 for Business Basics Grant closed within 3 hours after receiving 3000 applications. To give yourself the highest chance of getting a piece of the “business boost” grant pie;

  1. Think outside the square for your options. You want to get the most bang for your buck.
  2. Read the guidelines carefully. Think specific activities that will directly impact the business, focusing on professional development, processes and systems, and future planning. Do not view this as a way to run a few marketing campaigns or simple updates to your website – see this as an investment in the way you operate your business.
  3. Prepare early. You can draft your responses and prepare your documentation. You need to provide a signed statutory declaration.

For more information and to apply;