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Your small business accounting firm with a big heart

So much more than simply the ‘accountant near me’, Embrace is the accounting firm with a strong moral compass and an emphasis on sustainable practices. We care about the future of the planet nearly as much as we care about our clients’ success…

Embrace: our journey

Established in 2012 as Quantum Business and Accounting, our focus has always been on exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our founder, Shara Smith’s, background in a mid-tier accounting firm in Brisbane, set the direction for establishing her own firm: We enjoy the benefit of big business experience with the personal touches that life as a boutique accounting firm allows.

We are proud to be the accounting firm that has truly broken the mould.

From day one, we have been focused on the personal connection, speaking in plain English and anticipating our clients’ needs at every turn. We offer a service that is tailored to each individual organisation as we know every business is just as unique as the people running them.

With our transition to Embrace complete, our strong presence can be felt throughout southeast Queensland and beyond. Best of all, our efforts to minimise our impact on the planet, whilst maximising the wealth of our clients is in full swing. Why not pop in to our luxury Hervey Bay office and discover the Embrace way for yourself…

“I’m so proud of what we’ve built here. I love that we can not only deliver top-rate service, but that we have the freedom to be able to truly connect with our clients, find out who they are and what makes them tick. Add to that our increasing emphasis on sustainability and we are truly living the dream…”

Shara Smith – Director

Embrace: the unique

It’s pretty clear. We’re not your average accounting firm… and that’s just fine with us. We know your business is so much more than ‘just business’… it’s personal. It’s personal to us, too.

We are committed to:


We say what we mean, do what we say and do it all in plain English that’s easy to understand.


Our deep knowledge of each clients’ unique needs allows us to anticipate potential opportunities and hazards and act accordingly.


We assign each of our clients just two points of contact who are completely briefed on the businesses and people they represent. When you call, we’ll know what you need.


Our mission, both as a business and as individuals is to reduce our impact on the planet. We are a paperless firm, embracing waste reduction strategies and environmentally friendly solutions wherever possible.

Is your current accountant giving you value for money?

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Join us for a confidential, obligation-free peek behind the curtain (ours, and yours). We’ll cover the stuff that’s most important to you: how we can save you money, make you money, where to invest and how to structure it all.

Introducing… Shara Smith, Director

I had two possible career paths laid out for me as a teenager. My love of physics and numbers meant I could have been an aerospace engineer if I’d wanted to. But what I really wanted to do was work in an industry where I’d be able to connect more closely with the people I help, and be able to see the impact of my work. Accountancy gives me the buzz of problem solving, even with the most complex of cases. I love what I do and what we’ve built here at Embrace. As a Brisbane-based accountant in my early years, I learned a huge amount about the traditional approach to accounting, but I also learned I wanted to create an accounting firm that was anything but traditional. Now, the dream is fully realised and the Embrace team and I have created something truly special.

As for what’s next for Embrace? Watch this space…

Meet our team

Our friendly, experienced team are here to simplify the business of business…