Welcome to Embrace

The home of honest, personal, precise accounting services for small to medium business entities who want the best. As a business owner, there are likely a few things you’d rather be doing than wrestling your books into order and regularly getting into the nitty gritty of your business figures. The good news? While numbers may not always be your cup of tea, they’re always ours.

Embrace: the difference

Clear communicators

Our ability to communicate often, communicate well and operate proactively is what sets us apart – no industry double speak or nasty surprises here…

Trusted advisors

We are your sounding boards for new directions, your eyes and ears for industry changes, and you might even see an occasional pom pom as we cheer on your latest business successes…

Strategic experts

We are firmly focused on strategically, proactively maximising your wealth within an ethical, lawful framework. We want you and your family to keep the money you’ve worked so hard to earn.

Real people

We totally understand the competing demands of running a business and maintaining a life beyond it… we’re doing it too! We’ll keep it short and to the point in language you’ll understand.

Unified in our approach

We operate from a place of deep integrity. We value the personal approach and allocate you two highly specialised advisors who are fully apprised of your business needs.

Big picture thinkers

We’re looking at the whole picture, and devising innovative, original approaches to ensuring you get the most out of both your business and our services.

Is your current accountant giving you value for money?

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Join us for a confidential, obligation-free peek behind the curtain (ours, and yours). We’ll cover the stuff that’s most important to you: how we can save you money, make you money, where to invest and how to structure it all.

“I love improving business. Working in several industries has provided valuable insight into marketing, efficiencies, software, people, and cash flow. Small business owners give their all to provide a great service to their customers and form an extremely important part of the economy. Our job is to do everything we can to make their lives easier, to see them get the rewards they deserve and to achieve their dreams at home and work.”

Shara Smith | Director, Embrace